Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spaghetti Thursday #2

Attendance: William, Laurie, Mary, Amy, Grandma Betty, Steven, Adrienne, and the triplets: Addison, Bryce, and Collin
Menu: dipping bread, Mini Farfalle (aka bowtie or aka to Mary as frog feet), sausage and pepperoni sauce, salad, garlic bread, sauted squash and zuccini, vanilla french twists and two bite brownies, margaritas, and beer. Tea was available, but untouched. Adrienne also brought a wonderful cold salad, but we forgot about it in the fridge! So William got a serving of it before they left for lunch tomorrow.
Afterwards we all went swimming at our neighborhood pool. The kids had a blast!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spaghetti Thursday #1

Thursday, June 16
Attendance: William, Laurie, Mary, Amy, Granny, Paige, Jill, Jackson, Kathryn
Menu: Dipping bread, Salad, spaghetti noodles, sausage and pepperoni sauce, garlic bread, raspberry lemonade, ice tea, strawberry daquiris*, margaritas*, peanut butter and hot fudge cheesecake
*Made with our new Margaritaville machine, the same machine Mary got 6 stiches from the blender blade.**
**Paige's joke: After finding out on Tuesday it makes bloody Mary's, we made daquiris and margaritas on Thursday!

Spaghetti Thursday #0

Thurday, June 9
This was a pre-run.
Attendance: William, Laurie, Mary, Amy, Shawna, Brady, Granny, Paige
Menu: Salad, spaghetti noodles, sausage sauce, garlic bread*, ice tea, ice cream sundaes
*Laurie bought the bread early and it was moldy!

Spaghetti Thursday Beginings

Shortly after we decided to move back to the Houston area, William decided that we would host a dinner every Thursday night. Our menu will basicly be the same each week...spaghetti! We are creating this blog as a journal of each week. Enjoy!!!